The "Grey Rhino"

‌A "Grey Rhino" is the opposite of a "Black Swan".
While a black swan event comes as a surprise, a grey rhino event is a metaphor for the fact that so many of the things that go wrong are actually avoidable.
For example updating your IT system, or automate your business processes, if not handled it will trample your business.
You have a choice to do something about it or not.
Is it just getting out of the way, or do you turn the challenge into an opportunity?

Grey Rhino

Simplifying your business growth

IT for small and mid-sized logistics companies that support your business process.
When spreadsheets are no longer sufficient and micromanaging your business takes too much of your time.
We simplify your next growth step with software designed and hardware selected with these challenges in mind.
Our solutions will help you to regain a grip on- and visibility over cargo, vessels and crew.

Our Partners


WebHuys - Web Solutions

Founded in 2019, WebHuys is our powerhouse for all technical development initiatives. Their strength lies in providing dynamic solutions. Strong in following agile development methodologies , we reach milestones in the shortest time possible.


Apora is the biggest 'Advanced Zoho Partner' in the Netherlands. With 13 years experience, they have strong ties with Zoho.  With Apora we can upscale our capacity to handle any project size.


Proxsys is our service provider for all Microsoft related services, including hosting, monitoring and technical 3rd line service support. Proxsys aids Grey Rhino IT Solutions in providing a worry-free and secure IT environment on a global level. They keep up with their promise of: "Modern IT without a hassle".

Company Profile

  • Specialized in Logistics & Transportation
  • Active in 7 countries: ‌The Netherlands, Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Suriname
  • Products:
    • Custom Logistics ERP
    • File Administration & Invoicing System
    • Custom CRM
    • Mobile Field Task App
    • 14+ Operational Apps
  • Services:
    • Digital Transformations
    • Custom Web Application development
    • Certified Zoho Developer
    • Customer Support
    • Business Intelligence

Our team of

Peter Zijlstra
Peter Zijlstra

Chief Information Officer
 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mauro Bassutti
Mauro Bassutti

Chief Product Owner
 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

 Sorge Tyikoti
 Sorge Tyikoti

 Global IT Manager
 Lisbon, Portugal

Negar Zijlstra-Shdadkah

Senior Zoho Developer

 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Geraldo Lumeka

IT Coordinator

 Luanda, Angola

 Ivanlido José
 Ivanlido José

 IT Coordinator
   Luanda, Angola

Marcos Maria
Marcos Maria

 IT Coordinator
 Pemba, Mozambique

Marta Alves
Marta Alves

Software Developer
 Luanda, Angola

Deborah Danjuma
Joel Dick

 IT Coordinator
 Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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