• Crew Module

    Digital Logistics meets Simplicity!
Are you struggling with the complexities of crew management in the Energy  and Maritime industries? Coordinating Crew Transportation, Accommodation,  and scheduling can be a logistical nightmare, resulting in costly delays and inefficiencies. 

But fear not! Our cutting edge solution not only optimizes Crew Logistics but also introduces the transformative concept of Live Visibility, as known in Digital Logistics. With our innovative system, you gain real time insights into crew movements and operations, enabling proactive decision making and efficient resource  allocation. Say goodbye to manual coordination and hello to heightened productivity, reduced costs, and seamless operations. Let us revolutionize the way you manage your crew logistics, empowering you to stay ahead in the ever evolving world of Energy and Maritime industries.

Our Crew Module digitalizes the following activities:
Husbandry, Visa Applications, Tickets Procurement, Document Transport, Hotel Booking Management

"With Grey Rhino I'm finally in control of all our Crew Operations without having to hire more people!
- Carlos Alberto, Fleet & Husbandry Manager for All Brokerage Solutions Lda.

Route Planning

Transport Requests can be combined for operational efficiency. Route planning organizes the most optimal route per vehicle.

Shift Planning

Capacity planning ensures the availability of Man and Machine for the requested operations. Maximize the use of your vehicles by scheduling various shifts per vehicle


Engage with your client, team or partners by enabling live notifications on configurable milestones and send out daily summary reports.

External Track & Trace Portals

Involve your clients and partners with an Online portal. Meet market demands by leveraging Central logistics information, allowing complete visibility, LIVE!

Task Driven Mobile Apps

The ground staff receives and completes their tasks live using our mobile app and can submit exceptions back to the control room. Distributed QR Codes may also be used for easy task completion.


Our solutions is integrated with Zoho CRM as well as Zoho Workdrive Using our own Finance Module, you'll benefit  from automatic Invoice proposals based on operational data and much more!

Houston, we have Liftoff!

Using our Mobile App, drivers, attenders and field service personnel can update the system whenever they perform their operations, triggering status updates and notifications. Real-time, as it happens!

Workflow Driven Tasks

Define your workflow using scenarios that follow YOUR process, step by step. Automated Workflow Tasks direct your staff members on what to and when to do it. Track performance against your KPI's! 

Automatically scales with your business

Trusted by millions of users from small to enterprise size, our Zoho based platform takes care of everything. No complex installation required for laptops. Our mobile app is readily available on the Google Play Store.